Full Name: Son Of Iron Eyes     
15# Blonde and White Tom

AKA's: SonnyBunny, Tunny, BadBadBunny

Birthday: March 01, 1999   

Rescue Date: June 12, 2001

Humble Origins: Neighborhood stray
(believed to be the son of Cody)
Sonny is a very happy and inquisitive cat.  His prowess lies in the various arts of
stalking, lurking, crouching and laying-in-wait.  He is
quite the hunter.  He strikes a tall
physique and is very agile and strong.  He has hunted squirrel, dragonfly, bird, snake,
and mouse. There are very few things that elude his grasp.  A complete begger when it
comes to table food, he will perform quite a litany of endearing antics for a bite of your
dinner.  (Scroll down for more pictures of Sonny.)
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