(1904-1973)  Born Neftali' Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, in Parral, Chile, Neruda began writing
under the name Pablo Neruda in 1920, in memory of the Czech poet, Jan Neruda
(1834-1891).  Pablo's first publication was in 1923.  

The Spanish Civil War, as well as the death of spanish poet, Garcia Lorca, whom he knew,
spurred him into political action. Continuing to write, he went from serving many consulships
for his country, to serving as a senator, to spending 1949 to 1952 in exile for taking a
compassionate political stand for repressed miners against President G
onzales Videla.  Much of
what he wrote during this period reflected his political involvement.
His third wife, beloved Matilde Urrutia de Neruda, was the passionate inspiration for his love (and fear of unrequited love)
poems.  She loved him until his death in 1973.  She died twelve years later.  Neruda also had a great love for his
surroundings, as he repeatedly summoned imagery from the sea and the weather into his writings.

In 1971 he was the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.  In 1995, a charming movie, The Postman (Il Postino) was made
depicting some of his time in exile. Although I've read a great many of his writings, his body of work is expansive and I have no
idea in which publications the poems I've placed here belong.  I've merely came across them in my reading travels.  I enjoyed
them and I hope you do, too!  
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