Organizations and Club Activities
I was a very happy teen and enjoyed school very much.  I was a fun-loving joke-ster and full of energy! I
loved to laugh and to make others laugh, and was voted the Most Humorous Senior. I was active in many
extra-curricular activites; Drama Club, Girl's League, and Future Homemakers of America. Journalism and
Annual Staff were my favorite club activities, and I often attended summer journalism camps at the
university near my town.
My Yearbooks
Bringing some life to our
9th floor dorm room at
summer camp. I was
standing on top of a  
heating unit, dancing in
front of the window!
An annual fund
raiser for our
class treasury
was a pancake
Oh goodie.  
Let's flip
at 5 am!
Sadie Hawkins Dance '74   We thought we
were so cool in our felt hats and beads. Ha!
Class Secretary
Journalism Camp.  Some of my early cutting and pasting
skills.  Hahaha!
Drama Club silliness!  The western way.
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