Full Name: Jet T Beretti             
19# Black Male
AKA's: Big Jetty, J.J., HurkHurk, JumboJet, BigMan
Birthday: June 20, 1999           
Rescue Date:
January 5, 2001
Humble Origins: Neighborhood stray
Mercifully relieved from his restrictive cardiomyopathy
November 21, 2005 (6 years old)
Jet was quite the cat.  Nearly twenty pounds, he was formidable and stern looking in
appearance, but was actually just a little lion with a gentle heart.  Before being rescued,
fighting with other stray toms left him with a few battle scars; the most obvious being cartilage
damage beyond repair to his right ear, which made it lie a little flat.  He did have another
distinguishing characteristic in that he would sport either one white whisker or two at any
given time, while the others remained black.  He loved to chase bugs in the grass and 'attack'
leaves and twigs. His webpage can still be seen
here.  :)
Full Name:  Casanova Valentine     
14#  Black Tom
Name mutation: Casanova > Cass-A-Roni (like Rice-A Roni) >
AKA's:  TopCat, Roni-Boy, Mr.GoldenEyes, Woody (as in 'would
like to go outside? 'would he' like his dinner?)
Birthday: February 25, 1988  
Rescue Date: December 24, 1988
Humble Origins:  Abandoned by his moving owner
Age related death: December 10, 2004 (17 years old)
Roni was a most affectionate cat his entire life.  As a kitten he was wild and crazy, and highly
amusing in his antics.  As an adult, he seemed to have a regal stature about him.  Outdoors
he was a real warrior and defender of his personal territory.  Always the Top Cat, the other
cats knew they lived here by his grace.  
Roni and Baby
lived together
for all of
Baby's life ~
10 years.  And
were pretty
good chums
the entire time.
Full Name:  Baby T. (T. is for Trouble!)    
7# Female Calico
Birthday:  April 15, 1993    
Rescue Date:  February 14, 1994
Humble Origins:  Neighbor neglect story
Disappeared:  March 21, 2003 (10 years old)
Baby was feisty, playful, and completely adorable in nature.  She had a very responsive
personality and was a real ham for the camera.  Her housemate, Roni was not so much a
'play with other cats' cat, so she was most happy to welcome any new cats into the house.
Full Name: Obadiah Alexander            
10# Black Tom
AKA's: Obie, Doberz, NoDoby, Doberto, Dobes, Tweeters
Birthday: February 04, 2001       
Rescue Date: January 08, 2002
Humble Origins: Stray; lived with 3 siblings at an empty church
next door
Disappeared: August 24, 2003  (2 1/2 years old)
Obie's motto could have been "I love everyone and you're next."  His in-your-face style of
affection sometimes garnered him a thump on the head from the other cats.  He'd take his
lumps, and try again tomorrow!  His love could not be denied.   
Full Name: Hobo The Shop Cat
9#  Black&White Male
AKA's: Hobes, Ho-boat, Scooter, Cubby,
Maynard G. Krebs
Birthday: October 1, 2002
Rescue Date: September 1, 2003
Humble Origins: Stray
Disappeared:  Mid November 2003
(1 year old)
Hobo was so young and had all the characteristics of a kitten; wide-open eyes full of curiosity
and the wonder of everything around him.  Playful and loveable, he got along well with the
other cats.  He was a complete joy with a great personality and very affectionate.  
Christmas 2000
Sharing a bunk with Roni
Full Name:Cody Iron Eyes
15# Orange and White Male
AKA's: Codes, Codeman, Co-Co, FatCat
Birthday: July 9, 1996           
Rescue Date:
January 5, 2001
Humble Origins: Neighborhood stray
Mercifully relieved from his lupus condition: November 3,
2006 (10 years old)
Cody was one of the sweetest cats ever.  He had a real air of humility about him.  He was very
timid in his demeanor, but loved in a gentle, unassuming way.  Cody was always the first to
welcome a new cat into the household.  His webpage can still be seen
Baby and Roni sharing a bunk together.
What I call my "Two Originals".