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The Winde` blows into Idaho!
I picked up Winde` at the airport in Spokane, Washington Tuesday, July 9th, 2002,
and we headed toward Idaho.  A quick stop at the Washington/Idaho border in
Moscow, Idaho for the first 'tourist' pic!
Final Destination:  Gina's humble abode, which sits next to an old abandoned church.
Winde` at Command Central ~ Wednesday morning July 10, 2002
Wednesday morning we head for the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley; first by driving back to
Moscow and stopping in the green farm fields on The Palouse, the area on top of the
mountain above the Lewiston-Clarkston valley.
Winde` and Gina ~ Moscow Mountain in the distance; 4700' el.
Note:  The true identities of the guilty have been protected by 'screen' names.  You know who you are.   ;)