"Spring Valley" February 2006

I painted this in the second art class I attended.  
With little to no instruction from the teacher, and as
we settled into our chairs for the second class, she
chirped this most shocking greeting,
everyone, go ahead and start painting!"  
It all began with an attempt to recapture fond childhood memories of school art classes.  In February 2006,
a locally offered watercolor class inspired me to get started.  Sadly, the class sputtered, but I'd had a taste of
nostalgia and it was too late to turn my back on it.  So, off to the internet to find instruction and to brush up
the edges of my memory.  
"Angel Gabriel"  November 2006

I've picked up the paints again and am very inspired by the books and
images I've collected throughout  the year.  I know I just need to dig in
and learn as I go.  Click the image to view larger.
Spring Valley watercolor
Christmas Cardinal watercolor
Angel Gabriel watercolor
"Christmas Cardinal"  December 2006  

I'd kept some 10 year old painting magazines and found
Christmas Cardinal project to do.  Click the image to
view larger.
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My Favorite Chickadee watercolor
"My Favorite Chickadee"   December  2006

Another weekend and I'm at it again.  This time my muse is from a
photo I took a few years back.  Click the image to view larger.  
Uhhhh....oh....kay.  So, after I replaced my lower jaw to its natural position, I
pulled out my photograph which we were instructed to bring as a guide, and
began painting!  Wheee!  Relying completely on quickly brushed up 35 year
old memories and a short surfing session on the internet, I was able to 'color'
a picture.  

No matter the quality, the style, it's goodness or it's badness, I was happy and
I felt twelve again.  You may click the picture to view in actual size.  Behold! the
masterpiece.  HAHAHA  It looks like something from summer camp 1969!  
Ah yes . . . I've re-captured the memory.
F  u N
Christmas Geese watercolor
"Christmas Geese"   December  2006

Inspired by a magazine cover featuring three figurine ducks, which I
changed to geese.  Was a fun project as it had a flair of folkart to it.  
Click the image to view larger.
Amish Countryside watercolor
"Amish Countryside"  December 2006  

Inspired by a 2001 photo taken in Pennsylvania.
Click the image to view larger.
Angel Michael watercolor
"Angel Michael"  January 2007

Inspired by an image I found on the internet.
Click the image to view larger.
Big Sister watercolor
"Big Sister"  February 2007  

Inspired by a childhood photograph.  Click the image to
view larger.