PkChicken from south Jersey and Winde` from north Jersey with Ula from Pennsylvania
And, Readingmom, from
southern Ohio, drives alone to our
destination in Amish Country, Ohio.
We all met up at the hotel and went out for a nice dinner nearby.  
After dinner, we returned to our rooms and broke open the
homemade wine brought by PK and played on the computer
(desk top model even!) that Alix brought along.
The journey begins with PK driving north to meet up
with Winde`, and together they drive to Pennsylvania
to pick up Ula and head to Ohio. June 9, 2000.
Alix from Indiana, picks up Gina,
from Idaho, at the Indy airport and
they drive to Ohio.  
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Note:  The true identities of the guilty have been protected by 'screen' names.  You know which one you are.   ;)