Our hosts have provided this fab
little Volvo for us to drive around
during our visit.  Varoooom!

There are a few days before
business meetings begin to tour
around and site-see.  
Our hosts actually reside about
an hour away from Stavanger, in
a small village called Vigrestad.

These are pictures from the
Vigrestad lighthouse and fishing
docks on the Norwegian Sea.
A short walk from the docks and
toward the sea is an old Viking
During World War II, German
ships would often sit along the
shoreline and practice their
shooting skills, using the
gravemarkers as targets.  

You can faintly see in the photo
at right two bullet holes in the
cross at the far right.
Further inland away from the
sea, Viking grave mounds are

It was common practice to bury
Vikings killed in battle in the
exact spot the battle had taken

The mounds are scattered all
over the countryside.  
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