January 25, 1990 - February 7, 1990

A passport and a perm begins a two-week
journey to southern Norway to explore the
special steel-hardening methods used in Norway
and its industrial applications.

A 9-hour flight from Seattle, Washington to
Copenhagen, Denmark was very long and
ended with a terrifying landing in one of the
worst windstorms the country has ever recorded.

After a two-hour delay in Copenhagen due to
the winds, we caught the connecting flight to our
destination, Stavanger, Norway.
Sea-Tac Airport , Scandinavian Airlines
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mustering a smile through smudged mascara and dried
tears after
finally landing in Copenhagen.  

After a 9-hour flight from Seattle, due to the fierce winds
off the Norwegian Sea, we had to circle Copenhagen for
90 minutes before we could attempt to make a hard
landing.  With said hard landing blowing out
all the tires
from the landing gear, not to mention the nerves of
about 300 people!  
The shaded southern
area of Norway our
journey takes place
Two hours later, after the winds subside, it's safe for
the connecting flight from Copenhagen to Stavanger.
Then onto an hour's drive from the Stavanger Airport to
the home of Aud Marie and Jon Oddvar in Vigrestad,

And thankfully, two hours later the Stavanger Airport
found our lost luggage and brought it to us.  Whew.  
Whatta trip.
Good Morning,

Some thirty hours
after leaving Idaho I
have now finally
slept and have
awaken in Norway.
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