Looking from an office window, I caught the little scamps playing with some leaves in
front of the garage.  Watch the one at the far right, below the electrical meter.  I've
covered a water drainage hole that they were getting into with two hefty concrete blocks.  
It was hysterical to watch because the one kept trying with all his might to lift them up
while the other three happily played.  He's the most vocal of them all in this video.  Likely
he was trying to enlist some help from the others.  hahahahahahaha
Capers in the Shade
A Spring Storm  (58 sec.)
Run ~There's More Than One (10 sec.)
Full Frontal  (21 sec.)
Bird Nerd Zone  (21 sec.)
Cricket Monotony  (30 sec.)
Top Gun  (27 sec.)
Lady Rufous  (26 sec.)
My Nemesis  (31sec.)
Baths & Showers ~ Free!  (26 sec.)
XTREME Rock Climbing  (29 sec.)
Capers in the Shade  (35 sec.)
Unsolicited Pickers  (20 sec.)
Apple Crunch  (20 sec.)
Treetop Maneuvers  (31 sec.)

Cat Flicks
Olympic Fencing  (27 sec.)
Not The Usual Suspect  (25 sec.)
Nine Seconds. Flat.  (9 sec.)
From The Darkness Comes  (13 sec.)
The Cat-stant Gardener  (17 sec.)
Bootie Gotta Brand New Gig  (18 sec.)
Sequel to Not The Usual Suspect)

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