The one facing back down was the leader ~ and the first to slide backwards.  (hysterical, I tell ya)
Leaving two hanging in the vertical "grips" and one ready to do the same, the leader already
devised Plan B in his head.  (see movie above)
Xtreme Rock Climbing
Seeking shade under a tree on top of the hillside, these roaming bandits attempted an
ascent more treacherous than Kilimanjaro.  After two ill-fated attempts via a concave
vertical hillside (scroll down for pics below), they finally chose a secondary, less-steep
location to make their successful ascent (see movie above).  
"Yeah . . . Heh heh.
This way, guys."
File Footage - First (failed) attempt
File Footage - First (failed) attempt
A Spring Storm  (58 sec.)
Run ~There's More Than One (10 sec.)
Full Frontal  (21 sec.)
Bird Nerd Zone  (21 sec.)
Cricket Monotony  (30 sec.)
Top Gun  (27 sec.)
Lady Rufous  (26 sec.)
My Nemesis  (31sec.)
Baths & Showers ~ Free!  (26 sec.)
XTREME Rock Climbing  (29 sec.)
Capers in the Shade  (35 sec.)
Unsolicited Pickers  (20 sec.)
Apple Crunch  (20 sec.)
Treetop Maneuvers  (31 sec.)

Cat Flicks
Olympic Fencing  (27 sec.)
Not The Usual Suspect  (25 sec.)
Nine Seconds. Flat.  (9 sec.)
From The Darkness Comes  (13 sec.)
The Cat-stant Gardener  (17 sec.)
Bootie Gotta Brand New Gig  (18 sec.)
Sequel to Not The Usual Suspect)

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