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These are short Quicktime movies taken with my digi-cam and may take a minute or two for each one to load.
If you don't have Quicktime, you may download a free version
Cat Flicks 2005
Olympic Fencing  (27 sec.)
Not The Usual Suspect  (25 sec.)
Nine Seconds. Flat.  (9 sec.)

From The Darkness Comes  (13 sec.)
The Cat-stant Gardener  (17 sec.)
Bootie Gotta Brand New Gig  (18 sec.)
(Sequel to Not The Usual Suspect)
A Spring Storm  (58 sec.)
Run ~There's More Than One (10 sec.)

Full Frontal  (21 sec.)
Bird Nerd Zone  (21 sec.)
Cricket Monotony  (30 sec.)
Top Gun  (27 sec.)

Lady Rufous  (26 sec.)
My Nemesis  (31sec.)
Baths & Showers ~ Free!  (26 sec.)
XTREME Rock Climbing  (29 sec.)

Capers in the Shade  (35 sec.)
Unsolicited Pickers  (20 sec.)
Apple Crunch  (20 sec.)
Treetop Maneuvers  (31 sec.)