Tree Removal
October 2009

The 80-year old majestic beauty is finally
removed.  Though it provided shade and
was a nice centerpiece to the outdoor deck
and living space it was a horribly messy tree
to maintain.

In the spring it would spew piles and piles of
cotton (see below).
In the summer it was a sappy, drippy mess
which attracted bees and yellows jackets by
the swarms, as well as coating everything
beneath it with the sticky sap.

And, of course, in the fall, raking all the
leaves it would produce became a huge job.

During the winter, winds and snow would
knock out branches and small limbs for
spring clean-up.  

So, the decision was made to remove the
tree.  And, to end the incredible amount of
maintenance chores it required.  Whew.  
After two hours of the tree crew chopping away at the outer canopy, I made it outside for a few pictures.  
By late afternoon, all that remains is the main trunk and the large feeder branches.  And, a whole lotta ground cleanup!
Day two brings a crane truck in to assist the tree removal crew in hoisting the large trunk cuts over the house.
Second section cut and being removed.
Third section cut and being removed.
Fourth section cut and being removed.
Fifth section cut and being removed.  The picture on the right shows the narrow passage-way between the
garage and the house that the crane had to maneuver through to remove the sections.
Sixth and seventh section cuts.
Eighth and ninth section cuts.
Tenth cut.  Up, up and away.
The eleventh and final cut required crawling under the deck for the cut.
The eleventh and final cut being hoisted onto the crane deck.
All gone and what a view of the sky I now have!  Not to
mention brightening my kitchen and the garage.
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