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April 2, 2009  Winter's last snowfall - six inches, bringing the total accumulation to
90" for the Winter of 2008-09.
One week later the new snowfall has melted and Spring's
first bloom, a single Crocus appears.  Spring is on the way!
April 19, 2009.  The temperatures have warmed considerably enough for me to
plant the garden.  However, freezing overnight temperatures for a few weeks to
come will require me to cover the garden at night.  
Following the Crocus, Primrose is the second
bloom to appear in my yard in the springtime.
The month of May heralds the return of the hummingbirds and time for new
plantings - a pink Azalea bush is planted in the flowerbed.
Gracie sits next to the new Azalea bush.
From my office windows, I have a great view of the neighbor's blooming tulips and daffodils.
A gift of a petunia basket brightens the front deck area.
Phlox, another early spring bloomer.