First Snow
December 12-13, 2008
A mere 3 inches by the
end of Saturday.
Nine days later, up to
two feet accumulated.
December 22, 2008
Side deck that leads to
upstairs apartments.  
The steps and shoveled
path lead me to the side
yard to the birding area
The fence and gate
always provides nice
pictures of mounded
up snow.
Two pics of the backyard giving a panoramic view
The snowy Cabana
Backyard corner

You can just see a
small path that
Gracie has plowed
for herself.
(Left)  The two giant pines that tower over the birding area and arch.
Fox Squirrel
California Quail
Stellar's Jay
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The snow brings with it a wide variety of birds (and squirrels) to the feeders.
Winter has begun!
December 2008
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Juncos hiding in bare lilac branches