Spring 2008 Scrapbook   March ~ April ~ May   
After retreating to the denser woods
during the winter, the first (early) Spring
Robin appears on Valentine's Day 2008.
March 2008 ~ These winter stalwarts are generally year
House Finch male (red; top right), Gold Finches
(top left and center), Cassin's Finch females (center; left and
, and Pine Sisken (bottom left).
March 2, 2008   
Large flocks of
Evening Grosbeaks
are the prime winter
feeders and generally
remain through March
and April.  
April brings
the first
blooms of
the season;
(left) and
The month of May brings more purple blooms.  Abretia, hosting a caterpillar (left) and wild Grape Hyacinth (right).
Sunny days were few and far between this spring, so I painted an encouraging sign to the sun.  A new nursery-grown Clematis brightens things up.
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The second critter arrived on Saturday, April 26, 2008   Gracie, found on the highway. Unlike the moose,
Gracie becomes a permanent resident.  See more pics at her webpage
April brings new critters;
the first being a young
moose grazing the
neighborhood after a
long winter.  See more
pics of him
Gracie - as found on the highway.
Gracie - after a meal, a haircut and a bath!