Fall 2008
September 2008
August 31, 2008 (above)  Three weeks later
(right), September 22, 2008, First Day of Fall.  
As in,
'the leaves WILL fall'.  ha ha ha
Sonny takes in the smells
of the chilly fall air.
Then, he retreats to the cozy
fall blanket on the front bench.
The birding area gets a new sturdier arch, the
hummer feeders are down, and the water bowl is
plugged in to prevent freezing.  Ready for winter!

(right)  Pine Siskins still dominate the feeders
through September, but the majority of the flock has
temporarily left as of early October.  They generally
reappear in January.
Cool temperatures in September nip the coneflower petals, but that doesn't keep away the last
of the summer's feasting frittilaries.
'Sheba enjoys the September sun.
last rose -
Burning Bushes
in their brilliant
fall colors.
New Sumac
shoots turn
their sherbet
ice cream
October 2008
Spent Spirea flower pods create an interesting fall contrast.  
October 2008.
The neighbor's glorious tree, of which I have a great view from my office
and living room windows.  
Thank you, neighbors!  October 2008.
Oregon Grape bush pushes forth the fruit for which it is named, which
remain throughout the winter months.  Spring will bring masses of yellow
blossoms in place of the grape.  October 2008.
California Quail.  The covey lives in the neighborhood year 'round and
generally has 30 new juvvies every summer.  This pictures shows two
adult males and the rest are part of the summer crop of nearly grown
babies.  October 2008.
The second crop of Bee Balm.  October 2008.
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