Summer 2006
to my
humble abode.
Snowball bushes along the front and
Potentilla blooms under the office windows.
A bench and my birding 'perch'
sit to the left of the front door.
And around the
corner from that
is the deck to
the apartments

and then make
a little zig to
another small
deck --------->
The side yard in
front of the two
deck areas is
where I began
my new
flowerbed this

Across from
that you can
see the
I've a few blooms from the early spring plantings.
Peony bush, purple Salvia and red Geraniums.
This side shows more red geraniums, with Russian Sage,
Butterfly Bush, and Pink Lupine, all pre-bloom stage above.  
See their July and August blooms below.  
Red Geraniums
Russian Sage
Butterfly Bush
Pink Lupine
Liatris bulbs
planted in early
summer near
each gazing
globe and on
either side of the
gate bursts into
pom-pom blooms
in August.  
And, tucked in the corner between the
liatris and the gazing globe was . . .
. . . summer's first rose.

There's a few more roses in the back where The Cabana sits.  Let's go!

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