Spring Scene 2006
Spring in North Idaho is
March, April, and May.

March rains melt the snow and
begin to usher in the spring green.  

My artificial red tulips help to cheer
the entry during March's blustery
weather. With one potted in moss  
and the second in an old watering  
can, they almost look real.  

April brings the perennial
first-bloomers and May rounds out
the season with a burst of flowering

I hope your spring was beautiful in
your part of the world.  
The Giant  White Hyacinth and the purple Rhododendron bushes made a lovely combination for the front entrance flowerbed.  And the fragrance from the hyacinth ~ heavenly!
Book-ended by silver gazing globes, the bed is planted
with roses, salvia, russian sage, peony, poppies,
butterfly bush, anemones and liatris.  It will take a few
seasons for it to fill in, but I'm building toward a lush
and colorful flowerbed.  
In late March, when the ground was good and soggy, I
decided it was a good time to create a 22'  foot long
flowerbed along the south-facing side of the house.  
I laid out my curved edge with a garden hose and then
began removing the sod.  The soil dug easy enough,
but digging out cotton tree roots was
another story.  
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