Elevator Fire

July 15, 2006
Although these pictures seem to depict
a small fire, I knew that it was far likely to
be worse since it was at the town's
elevator location.  So, around 9 a.m.
I went to the site and grabbed a few
shots.  See below.
Saturday morning - 6:00 a.m.
As I took my coffee outside to sit,
I noticed the fire across town in the
distance.  For two hours I watched and
shot several pictures from my side deck.
The little office building at left with the
green roof was spared from the flames,
as well as a few elevators situated at the
west end of the area.

The damage was to three 100' elevators,
that sit to the west of this pic.  See below.
Even at a safe distance, the myriad of
noises that accompany a fire are seemingly
wicked and unsettling to hear.  From loud
crackling flames to collapsing roofs and
falling boards; it was a groaning, creaking,
burning heap of wood and crop peas.
The 1880's Flour Mill building,
the town's oldest building,
crumbled to the ground later in
the day.   :(  
With three 100' foot tall elevators now burned to the ground, it makes for a very different view of the landscape.
Now . . . the people from '
town' can now see the people who live on the 'other side of the tracks'.
Monday, July 17, 2006

Two days later the rubble still smolders, and with a wind shift . . .
my  'hood smelled like burnt pea soup.  ew. The smoke billowed up the
draw and created a haze that just hung in the air.
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