Sunday July 6, 2003 6:00 a.m. After using over 235,000 gallons of water from the town's reservoir
to contain the fire, the residents woke to no water.  But, it was temporary ... water flow to the
community was restored within two hours.  
To help relieve the stress on the community's water supply, fire departments county wide offered
assistance with their water tankers, as well as local Ag companies, and private farmers.
7 a.m.  Although contained, the fire continues to burn and smolder.  In addition to the tankers that
arrived on site, town firefighters began pumping water from a small creek that runs along the tree line
behind the mill.  The green equipment in the background is the conveyor system that feeds the logs
into the mill.  
What were once  40 foot tall decks of cedar are now burning, smoldering piles of wood and ash, that I
suspect will continue to burn and require a watchful eye for a few days yet to come.
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