July 5, 2003  11:15 p.m. An errant holiday bottle rocket set a horrendous blaze in the log decks of the local cedar mill. These logs are
'high-decked' at 40 feet in heighth. The flames were leaping from the tops of these decks, and I could see them from my backyard, which is
about two blocks behind main street, but at a slightly higher elevation.  Below are pictures I shot from the schoolhouse parking lot, which sits
across a two lane highway from the mill, on top of a 30 foot hill. The log deck is a about 300 yards in length and runs parallel to the highway at
the east end of main. I've pieced together three pictures to create this panoramic view.
Thankfully, there was no wind and the fire was contained to the log deck only.  There was no loss of life, mill
equipment or buildings.  The mill sits down about 20' below the highway in a bit of a saddle.  The logs in the picture
that are above the highway heighth had been previously 'high-decked' to some 20 feet above the level of the highway.  
To get this closeup shot, I had inched my way down off my 30 foot hill perch. The only thing that separated me from the
fire was the two lane highway.  And, the fire was so intense that I could only stay in that spot for about five minutes before
it was too hot on my face that I had to climb back to the top.
A blurry, blazing inferno
Still burning on Sunday, July 6th - Click here