My Backyard Bird Sightings and Notes
Denotes my first sighting
January - March 2009
The New Year was rung in with the arrival of a flock of 13 Turkeys.  They returned
nearly daily through early March, until I finally had to shoo them off due to the large
amounts of 'waste' they were leaving behind.  

Varied Thrush was spotted twice in January, and the first Robin siting was in
late February.  Only a few
Mourning Doves were seen eating from the ground in
January.  The usual feeders were abundant as winter welcomed 2009;
Siskins, House Finches, Stellar Jays, California Quail, Nuthatches and

January 17th brought my second only siting of a male
Ring-necked Pheasant.  

Fox Squirrels are present year-round, but early February brought an unusual
specimen.  A female with part of her right front leg missing was sighted among all
the others.  Whether born that way, or a result of an accident, the lack of a front
paw has not impaired her ability to climb trees, scramble on the ground, or eat.  I've
named her "Stumpy".  Pictures of her are on the
Fox Squirrel page.

Two visits from a
Sharp-Shinned Hawk were noted on February 20th and March
13th.  Also, on March 13th, (my second only siting) of a
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
was sited nibbling berries from the driveway shrubberies. March also brought a few
sitings of the
Rufous-sided Towhee hopping on the ground underneath

The usual flock of
Evening Grosbeaks arrived in early March and remained
throughout early Spring.
May 2009
05-01-09   Happy May Day!  Lots of birding activity today; Evening Grosbeaks,
          Black-capped Chickadees, Robins, Stellar Jays, a pair of
          Woodpeckers were flapping among the tree limbs, the call of the
Brown-headed Cowbird was heard in the pine tree tops, and the
          return of the hummingbirds was marked with the siting of one
Black-chinned Hummingbird.   
05-02-09   A large flock of
Evening Grosbeaks took over the seed feeders.
05-04-09   Top Gun, the
Rufous Hummingbird has returned!
05-14-09   Female
Black-headed Grosbeak seen at the feeders today, as well
          as a
Male Brown-headed Cowbird.  Also, many Cassin's Finches.
April 2009
04-17-09   My return home day from surgery and I was greeted by a flock of about
          a dozen
American Goldfinches.  I've never seen an entire flock at the
          feeders before, so this was a first.  They were everywhere; the water
          bowl, squirrel feeders, and seed feeders.
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June 2009
06-07-09  Marks the return of a long-gone visitor from 2005.  A female Red Squirrel
         was spotted in the tree in the driveway barking and chirping up a storm.
         The last I saw of the Red Squirrels was winter of 2005, when the Fox
         Squirrels moved in and seemingly running off the smaller Red Squirrels.
         I've named the female "Ruby" and her return is very exciting.  I've added
         pictures of her to the
Red Squirrel page.

The month of June has been dominated by the presence of the
and Stellar Jays, as well as their juveniles.  
July 2009
One of the Jay juvies has either suffered a wing injury or was born with an
impairment, and due his lack of full flight abilities, has been hanging around the
lower branches of the shrubs near the birding area.  Because he is a juvie and fears
little now, I am able to get close to him and toss peanuts to him on the ground.  
And, he loves the water bowl and take frequent baths.  I've posted his picture on the
Stellar Jay page.
10-24-09  Juncos have returned.