My Backyard Bird Sightings and Notes
Denotes my first sighting
January 2008
01-02-08  A first sighting for the New Year.  A flock of six Turkeys   ambled through
        driveway and up the hillside by the flag.
01-18-08  More appearances being made by the Flicker Woodpecker
Black-headed Grosbeak  
01-29-08  A flock of
Evening Grosbeaks cleaned all the feeders out in one day.
01-31-08  Birds galore!  
Juncos, Goldfinches, Housefinches, Pine Siskins,
Quail.  Not to mention those pesky Starlings!
February 2008
02-01-08   I was swooped by a Sharp-Shinned Hawk while standing under the large
        pine trees refilling the feeders.  He snagged a finch out of mid-air and
lit                     in the bare branches of the backyard cotton tree.  What a sight it was!
02-03-08  The
Sharpie Hawk returned again today, sadly grabbing another finch.
02-08-08  Due to the hawk hanging around, the feeders have been a bit
        quiet for a few days, except for a flock of
Mourning Doves that
        have been feeding on the ground.
02-09-08  Many of the birds have returned to the feeders.  Hopefully the hawk has
        moved on.  
Robin sighted in the early afternoon, feeding on the ground with the
Mourning Doves.
March 2008
The Evening Grosbeaks own the birding area and have been regular visitors for
months, accompanied by their usual followers; the
Pine Siskins.  Quail,
Chickadees, and Nuthatches also frequent the feeders.
03-27-08    6" fresh snow today.  Been a long winter.
April 2008
04-01-08    Rufous-sided Towhee spotted in the lilac branches with a mate.
04-12-08    Snow mounds still abound due to a long, snowy winter.
American Goldfinch in bright yellow plumage, drinking from a puddle.
Mid Apr      As the snow recedes, as do the numbers of
Juncos. Very few seen.
MOOSE on the loose.  A young and very skinny moose has
been                                roaming the neighborhood looking for good grasses and
tasty twigs.                            January 2000 shows he appears to be fattening up a bit
and shedding                        his winter coat.
04-26-08    The
Sharp-shinned Hawk made a return swoop through the
birding                            area, though his swoop through was unsuccessful.  
04-29-08    A small flock of about six
White-crowned Sparrows pecked at the gravel
         underneath the driveway shrubbery.
May 2008
05-04-08     A Hummer's buzz was heard today, but no time to place the feeders.
           New pet in the household.  
Gracie, a stray poodle mix found on
the                             highway 4-26-08.
05-07-08     The 'buzzing' in the air reminded me to hang the Hummingbird feeders.
           Build it and they will come!  Top Gun, the
Rufous male, and his female
           were the the first to visit the sugar water feeder. They're baaaaack.
Calliope Hummingbird returns.    
International Migratory Bird Day
           Not much time to observe due to new pet and many outdoor
           spring chores. The few I did observe are regulars:
           Chickadee, California Quail, Evening Grosbeak, and Pine Siskin.
05-14-08     The whistling call of the Brown-headed Cowbird was heard.
No                                 sighting.
Black-headed Grosbeak; male and female.
Black-chinned Hummingbird returns.
Great Horned Owl
What a big guy!
Summer 2008
No new observations for the summer of 2008.   But, the stars of the 2008 summer
show were
Pine Siskins.  

A large flock seemingly ruled the feeders this year, with only a few visiting forth yet
another new batch of juvies to watch grow throughout the summer.  The
and the Stellar Jays continue to be daily visitors.  All hummers have left by
September 2nd for their winter migration south.
Fall 2008
October ~ As the cold weather moves in, it seems the Pine Siskins have moved out.
They generally are around during the winter months and may return later in the
winter, but for now they are nowhere to be found.  
10-11-08   The
Juncos have returned.  
December 2008
12-13-09  First Snow.
12-15-08   One single male
Evening Grosbeak sighting.  A busy day at the feeders
Juncos, Housefinches, Pine Siskins, Quail, plus the Squirrels!