My Backyard Bird Sightings and Notes
Denotes my first sighting
January 2007
01-01-07    The year begins with the usual crowd: Juncos, all three kinds of
Chickadees, Song Sparrows, Stellar Jays, and California Quail.
            As I rarely see
American Goldfinches, I was pleased to see two at
the                     plate feeder today.  
01-08-07   A four inch snowfall brings in a solo
Mourning Dove.  It has been since
           last winter that I've seen one.
Northern Pygmy-Owl
           The House Finches have returned since I've realized I had been
           buying wild bird seed rather than songbird seed.  I now feed both kinds
           and am happy the finches are back.
01-12-07   -4 degrees this morning, warming to a high of +11.  Feeders are a flurry
           with the usuals, plus a returning visitor, the
Pine Siskins.
01-13-07   Below freezing temps continue and the flurry continues, with the
Mourning Dove returning; as well as a Northern Gilded Flicker.
What a scene!  I saw him snag a perching junco right off a limb!
03-09-07   The Northern Gilded Flicker has been seen around the suet feeder.
03-10-07   The snow is completely gone and the
Junco numbers have decreased
            a bit. But, the large numbers of
California Quail, Nuthatches,
Chickadees make up for them.
03-14-07    I must have missed their 2006 visit (
or they missed me), but I hadn't
            seen the
Bohemian Waxwings (2005 photos) since March  2005,
until                     today.  So it was great to spot a lone pair nibbling berries from
the                             juniper bushes today.
Robins have begun to appear everywhere and spring work in my
           flowerbed is accompanied by the melody of returning
Song Sparrows.
February 2007
          covey of California Quail numbering close to thirty.  New photos added.
Feb16-19  Great Backyard Bird Count   Over the four day period my only
new                           sighting was this year's first robin. But there was a host of the
02-16-07   15 Quail, 11 Juncos, 5 Red-breasted Nuthatch, 1
White-breasted                           Nuthatch, many Chickadees, and 1 unidentifiable
Hawk flying high                          overhead.
02-17-06   1 Robin, 1 Gilded Flicker, 5 Juncos, 3 Red-breasted Nuthatch,
White-breasted Nuthatch, 2 Stellar Jays, Chickadees,
Mountain Chickadees.
02-18-07   3 Pine Siskin, 4 Red-breasted Nuthatch, 2 Mountain Chickadees, and
02-19-07   1 Robin, 19 Juncos, 1 Chestnut-backed Chickadee, 1 Red-breasted
           Nuthatch, 2 Stellar Jays, and I rescued two Pine Siskins who had
           flown up the apartment stairwell and became trapped by all the
           glass at the landing.  What a way to end the
Great Backyard Bird Count!
02-22-07   More
American Goldfinches seen among the Juncos, and the
Varied                      Thrush has made its return; just a week later than his February
14th visit                   last year.
Pygmy Nuthatch;  I thought they were juvie White-breasted Nuthatches
           all along.  hahaha
02-25-07   I hear more than I see, but a sunny morning brought a
Hairy Woodpecker within view.
April 2007
04-07-07   A pair of Starlings have been raiding the suet feeder and sit in the
           tall pines squawking.  Sadly, I'll have to remove suet feeder for a week
           to discourage their visits.
04-12-07   Four
American Goldfinches spotted at the perch feeder.
04-18-07   A male and female
Red Crossbill pair seen in the squirrel's seed feeder.  
           I was most pleased, as I have not seen the Crossbills since summer
of                     2005.
           An aside to birding:  The fox squirrel community has expanded to four.  
           I watched four squirrels at the same time scramble about the trees and
04-24-07  "Top Gun" returns!  The first
Rufous Hummingbird (male) returnee;
6:30                  p.m.  Four days earlier than 2006.
Calliope Hummingbird (male) seen at the feeder; 1 p.m.
Black-headed Grosbeak pair spotted at 9 a.m.
May 2007
05-01-07    The Brown-headed Cowbirds have returned.  What fun it is to listen to   
Cassin's Finches have returned.
Black-chinned Hummers are back!  
June 2007  It's all about the Juvies!
June juvie sightings include:  Robins, chickadees, pine siskins, housefinches, and a
few hummer juvies.  
So far. ;)  
Additional June Notes:  The
Brown-headed Cowbirds have remained around the
birding area longer it seems this year than last.  And, the usual
Stellar's Jay group
of three has now increased to five regular visitors.  
July-Aug 2007
The summer hosted the usual visitors of chickadees,
nuthatches, jays, pine siskins, and the hummers.  
The Fox squirrel population has increased to at least six.

Not as many House Finches as usual.  Though one was quite
amusing in appearance with a few head feathers sticking
straight up bushy eyebrows. I dubbed him
Professor Finch.

The highlight of the summer was watching
a large covey (about 60) of
Quail raise their
young in the area.  It was fun to watch and
record the chicks grow from babies into
teens into young adults.

Northern Goshawk.     My first sighting.  He swooped across the driveway
          picture for identification purposes only.  Sooo majestic.  
08-31-07  The last Hummer sighting.  A week earlier than last year (9-6-06)
September 2007  
my delight, as I've jokingly referred to them in the past as the 'Elusive'
White-breasted Nuthatch.  

09-22-07  As the temperatures cool more
House finches are spotted.
October 2007  
10-15-07   The Juncos, in large numbers, have returned.  As well as a few
Song Sparrows and Chestnut-backed Chickadees.

Stellar Jays and the Fox Squirrels are now hoarding the
peanuts, rather than sitting and eating them at the feeders.  
The usual Nuthatches, Finches, Pine Siskins continue at the
feeders. And, the Jays have taken a fondness to the suet cakes.
November 2007  
11-18-07   First Snow.  Just a dusting of an inch.
11-29-07   The
Varied Thrush has returned; spotted nibbling at apples in the tree.
           November has been
Nuthatch Mania, with many visitors.
December 2007  
12-01-07  Bewick's Wren.  My first sighting.  
12-31-07  The year ends with a variety of the regular winter
          birds; Juncos, Housefinches, Cassin's Finches,
          Song Sparrows, Stellar Jays, American Gold
          Finches, Pine Siskins, and of course, the Fox Squirrels.