My Backyard Bird Sightings and Notes
Denotes my first sighting
January 2006
01-16-06   Cedar Waxwings
American Goldfinches
01-26-06   Cassin's Finch
Evening Grosbeaks
01-26-06   Downy Woodpecker

February 2006
02-13-06   Varied Thrush
02-13-06   American Robins
02-17-06   Hairy Woodpecker

March 2006
03-04-06   Song Sparrow
03-04-06   Brown Creeper

April 2006
04-13-06   Red-winged Blackbird
04-20-06   Belted Kingfisher
Rufous Hummingbird
04-29-06   Brown-headed Cowbird

May 2006
05-05-06   Evening Grosbeak
05-07-06   Calliope Hummingbird
05-08-06   Black-chinned Hummingbird
05-08-06  White-crowned Sparrow
05-13-06   International Migratory Bird Day
A record of my sightings for the day.
Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was
a beautiful 72 degree sunny day.
August 2006
08-06-06   Second clutch of robins fledge
08-08-06   It must be "Baby Day" today.  As well as watching the new fledgling
          robins flit about the trees, I saw a red-breasted nuthatch feeding
          four chicks as they scrambled along the tree trunks.  Also, saw three
          female black-headed grosbeaks; one feeding the other two
          slightly smaller ones.  The smaller ones also ate from the plate
Western Tanager
08-20-06  Momma Robin brings her now older babies back to the backyard to
         look for worms and play in the sprinkler. Oh, how they've grown.  
August   Many Black-headed Grosbeak mothers with their juveniles frequented
Notes ~  the feeders.  I began to call them my 'ladies' as they would generally
        gather as a small group of four to six.  The Stellar Jays continue
        to come daily for their peanuts from the basket. And, the
House                             Finches have seemed to return in large numbers.  

An aside from birding; sadly, no sign of the
Red squirrels, Chip & Gigi, since late
July.  The larger,
Fox squirrels that generally frequent the streets below my yard
have discovered the peanut basket and are now regular visitors.
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Oooh...they're very similar to the House Finch, but have a lovely streaking to the sides of their heads.  And, a bit
browner than the gray in the House Finch.  A very pretty bird.
About a dozen fed at the feeders for about a week.
WOW.  What a gorgeous bird.  The male plumage is a striking yellow, black and white.   They came by
the hoards and were ravenous feeders and stayed til about early April.
They seemed to sort of disappear around the first of April, then a few showed up at the feeders today.  Both
male and female.  
What a beautiful purple-violet throat!
"Top Gun" returns!
A small flock of about 20 flew in enjoyed bathing and drinking in pools of melted snow.  And, much to my
delight the flock included one robin with white plumage!  I called her "Mrs. White'.  
About six of them, munching in the pine trees.
I knew they had to be around here, just never saw one until this day.
I knew they had to be around here, just never saw one until this day.
A larger bird with a beautiful orange and black chest shield.  
Sings in the sunshine like he owns it!
This guy must have been totally lost.  There's no water near my house.  hahaha
A male and female frequented the feeders for two days.  Watching the courtship between the
two of them was hilarious.  The male would arch his 'shoulders' and bounce up and down in
front of the female.
A small flock of about a dozen have been feeding from the ground and perching in the
hillside trees and shrubbery.
Welcome back!
05-19-06  Black-headed Grosbeak
05-19-06   White-breasted Nuthatch

June 2006
06-01-06   Robins nesting in tree
06-25-06   Stellar Jay
06-26-06   Baby robins in the nest

July 2006
07-01-06   Baby robins fledge
07-12-06   Stellar Jay
07-14-06   A second clutch of eggs laid in the same nest
Stellar Jay
07-21-06   Rufous-sided Towhee
07-23-06   Second clutch of eggs hatch (from July 14, 2006)
A male and female flying about the feeders.
I finally got a little better shot than a blur.  I will persist in a closeup!
I barely noticed it until it moved!  Gonna have to stalk this one for pictures.  ha ha
My first nest I get to watch and monitor.  :)
Seems I only I get quick glimpses and poor pictures of this
infrequent visitor
A single jay, whom I've dubbed Big Blue, has discovered the peanut basket that hangs on the tree
'Big Blue' has brought a second jay along to share the peanuts
'Big Blue' has now brought a THIRD jay along!  :)
More babies coming soon!
Baby pics are in!
A beautiful yellow bird, which I first thought was a yellow warbler.  chuckle.
09-02-06  Red-naped Sapsucker
         weeks considerably, I've spotted three juvies buzzing around
the                         feeders.  Learning that juvies leave
after the adults to begin
their                         migration south, this trio of stragglers are enjoying what is
likely their
         last weekend in Idaho.  Happy to be soaking up our hot Labor
Day                      weekend temperatures (90 degrees) and loading up on fuel
for the
         long trip ahead of them.
09-06-06  The last hummingbird seen today.  Likely a migrator stopping for a
         quick refueling before heading south.
A red-neck woodpecker!  hahaha  As always, a very fun first sighting.  
October 2006
10-02-06   Juncos, in large numbers have returned, along with a few
Song                          Sparrows.
November 2006
A few House Finches around the feeders, but has been mostly quiet, with the
exception of the antics of the Fox Squirrels.  Even the Stellar Jays have been
11-28-06   After the first measurable snowfall (4"), the
California Quail seem to
          appear in droves!
December 2006
12-01-06   Still only large numbers of Juncos at the feeders.  Unusual to me that
          there hasn't been many house finches.
12-14-06   The
Stellar Jays returned!  Appears to be the same three that would
          arrive together during the summer.
12-24-06   Christmas Eve day brings all the 'usual suspects'; Juncos, all three
          kinds of Chickadees, Song Sparrows, Stellar Jays.  A Flicker,
the                       first one I've seen this winter showed up at the suet cake.