Tuesday June 5, 2001 First morning at the beach house
and we await word from Alix and Ula as to when they will be arriving.  
Well, the word is:  Alix is enroute from Indiana, but unfortunately Ula is unable to make it .  After ten
minutes of collective sighing, Winde` devises a plan.  
"Let's drive to Pennsylvania and surprise Ula!"
"Uhhh . . . we just got here . . . and Alix is on her way."  
A quick phone call to Alix determines she is only about two hours southwest of Ula's.  
A glance at the clock and a study of the map,  we figure we can make it to Ula's in six hours!
"Then . . . let's do it!"
And, we're off!  Placing secret phone calls to Ula's boyfriend, Jay,
we set the stage for a surprise visit to Ula.  If she can't come to us, then we shall go to her!  
Three hours later,  we're about half way to Ula's, as we drive through Philly.
Since Alix had a few hours advantage on us, she is taking her time slowly heading towards Ula's.  
Downtown Philly from I-76
And, some three hours west of  Philly ~ we make it to Ula's!  She was quite surprised that we had
finagled all this behind her back with Jay's help.  <snicker>  
Nicole (Ula's daughter), Ula, PK, and Jay