<................Welcome to my 'brick quarry'.  

I purchased a couple of pallets of bricks for a mere
quarter-per-brick price.  Not your usual brick, these had
three holes in them filled with concrete plugs, which I
hammered out, in order to plant them with moss.  
This walkway in front of the office windows is basically unused.  I had merely tossed down a couple of 2x4's
in the dirt and moss began to grow in between. The railroad ties you see are stacked and serve as a parking
bumper as you come up the drive. After the brick was in place, I poked a plug of moss into each hole.
After finishing the walkway (which sits to one side of the front entry), I decided to do a brick border on the other
side of the front entry for the flower bed.  
Front Entry
Brick walkway on one side
Bordered flowerbed on one side
After finishing the flowerbed border in the front, I decided to keep
going around the corner and down the side of the house, which sits
parallel to my birding area.
Beyond what is shown in the picture above, is a small set of steps that lead
to the upstairs apartments.  I intend to brick around those and continue the
border another twenty feet along the side of the house, creating a
bordered rose garden.  But that project is slated for
next summer!
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