My First Project - Small Suncatcher - Actual size above
October  2006

I first wrapped the bare edges of the glass with adhesive-backed
silver leading, tucking in small wire hanging loops on the top.  

I drew my design on graph paper then traced it on the glass with
liquid liner, resembling lead panes.   After 8 hours drying time, the
fun part begins - coloring!

Using a wavy motion with a small paintbrush, I applied the glass
paint inside the leaded areas.  Dries to the touch in an hour or so
and will be cured in 10 days.

Okay . . .  onto the house windows next!  hahahahaha  
Uhhh...maybe just a little something to hang in
the window.  
Second Project - The Angel Gabriel  November  2006    Painting on glass isn't as simple as I thought it would be.  heh. It's not easy to do much shading
or detail work, but I enjoyed the project nonetheless and he hangs in my dining room window.  
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