Satyr Anglewing
July 2007
July 2007
Description  1 3/4 - 2"  Wing margins ragged. Bright
tawny-golden above with black blotches. HW above lacks
strong dark margin, having only band of golden spots
narrowly lined with brown.

Beneath, male bright yellow-tan marked with tiny dots and
striations; female brown, slightly violet-tinged, darker on
basal half. Silver comma mark in HW below clubbed or

Life Cycle  Caterpillar has greenish-white stripe and
chevrons on back, branched spines along blackish
segments; feeds on stinging nettles (Urtica), drawing leaf
edges around itself for shelter. Chrysalis tan, angled; hangs
from tree trunks or stones. Adult overwinters.

Flight  2 or more broods; early spring-late autumn.

Habitat  Wooded canyons, streamsides, and canals;
also foothills, northern forest edges, and wooded city parks.

Range  British Columbia to Newfoundland in S. Canada;
in U.S. from the Pacific to eastern edge of Rockies, south to

Discussion  Most anglewings look rust-orange as they
flash by; the Satyr is golden. Its broods are not so strikingly
different from each other as are those of the Question Mark
and the Comma.

The Satyr roughly replaces the Comma as the common
anglewing of the West; it is not entirely clear just how the 2
species relate in eastern Canada.