Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
My first sighting - March 2005  Normally found in the most southern and
Description 4 1/2 - 5"   
Tiny, slender, long-tailed
bird, blue-gray above and
ring and broad white like a
miniature mockingbird.

Habitat  Deciduous
woodlands, streamside
thickets, live oaks,
pinyon-juniper, chaparral.

Nesting  4 or 5
brown-spotted pale blue
eggs in a small, beautifully
made cup of plant down and
spider webs, decorated with
flakes of lichen and fastened
to a horizontal branch at
almost any height above

All of them build exquisite
nests, which are exceedingly
difficult to find unless the
adults are feeding their
young; the parents are quite
noisy and conspicuous, and
seem to ignore intruders.

Range  Breeds from
northern California,
Colorado, southern Great
Lakes region, southern
Ontario, and New
Hampshire southward.

Winters north to southern
California, Gulf Coast, and

Voice   Song is a thin,
musical warble. Call note a
distinctive, whining
with a nasal quality.

Discussion  Several
species of gnatcatchers are
found throughout the
warmer parts of the

These gnatcatchers are
lively birds, constantly
flicking their conspicuous
long tails upward while
gathering insects from the
branches of trees or bushes.
March 2009   Four years later; a second sighting.