Friday morning
April 16, 2004
When I arrive in Mobile, AL on Thursday evening April 15th, I finally get
to meet David as he and Winde` met me at the airport. The three of us
then enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner then I was off to my hotel
room. But, just for one night. Let's just say my accommodations were a
little less than I had expected. hahaha.

And, since David and Winde` had just moved two weeks before and
had a guestroom, it was easy for me to take a taxi ride from downtown
Fairhope Friday morning out to their house to find a key under the mat,
while they were still at work.  So, I kicked back, unpacked, relaxed, and
enjoyed sitting in the sun until they returned home.
Beautiful downtown Fairhope
Live oak lane
Winde and David's home
The neighbors
The neighbors' garage
Note:  The true identities of the guilty have been protected by 'screen' names.  You know which one you are.   ;)