Picture of contestants used for ads and brochures. I'm in the center.
Physical Fitness Competition . . . which I didn't win, either.  Hahaha.  I'm at the far right.
Creative and Performing Arts Competition.  Aha!  Now we're talkin'!  
A competition I won with my comical skit rendition of Lily Tomlin's "Edith Ann" character.
Costume note:  Mom took the scissors and a sewing machine to
freshman prom dress.  Wa-la!  
Okay . . . so I was a little weepy, not to mention
shocked, when they announced my name as the
winner of the crown. I even broke a shoe heel on
those dang paper-covered stairs! Hahah!
Poise and Appearance Competition . . . which I didn't win.  
At least I didn't trip and fall!
Winning the local pageant
gave me the opportunity to
compete in the state
pageant.  Of course, I didn't
win; but the entire Junior
Miss experience was such a
fun time for me and rich in
many lessons.  

In my adult life, I continue to
support the local Junior
Miss programs, as I believe
it is a positive influence for
teen girls.