Sept 1972. High school began with a Freshman Initiation conducted by the Senior Class.  Each senior
drew a freshman name from a hat, and we were their slave for a day at school.  
Ohhh . . . wearing the costume was just the beginning.  Upon arrival at school, we were made to do a variety of 'fun' stuff.  
From walking backwards, to saluting seniors, to wearing necklaces of garlic and limburger cheese, to .... rolling down the
schoolhouse hill and being sprayed with water.  Still, I smiled.  :)
My senior dictated to me an Aunt Jemima costume; complete with
blackface, a 73 inch bustline, 73 inch hips, and 73 hairbraids.  

A trip to the five-n-dime store was required to buy children's
summer balls for the bustline, pillows for the hips, and a mophead
for braids. Not to mention, sheets for the dress.  

And, of course, one of my orders was to take a plate of pancakes to
school for my senior.  
I kept having trouble keeping my mopwig on! And, it was
tough to stay balanced, what with my new sizable
Due to the wafting odors of the garlic and limburger cheese,
our classes were held outdoors and the teachers came
outside to us!
After lunch, it was a community parade on main street.  
When a senior would shout "Air Raid" we would go down on
our backs and 'shoot' in the air. And, we always had to keep
our buckets nearby so we could shine a senior's shoes or
treat them to candy or gum.
The last hour of the school day was spent froliking in a murky
water trough bobbing for apples, topped off with a crawl
through the mud.  After this, we were taken to the outdoor
spigot, hosed down, and sent home.  
Thank God!