The curve in the
couchback is a favorite
place of mine to watch
Hi!  I'm
I'm a 6-year-old Schnoodle,
which is a Miniature Poodle and
Miniature Schnauzer mix.  And,
course, I'm a girl.   
I wasn't always this clean and
fluffy.  In fact, I was quite dirty
with an overgrown and matted
coat when my new 'pack leader'
found me running on a highway.

Not to mention I was pretty
hungry, too! I only weigh 8# and
I'm supposed to weigh 12#.
Here's my 'Before' picture.
April 26, 2008
I was a little stinky and very dirty.
It's time for a groom!
I had all kinds of 'stuff ' dried
and caked on my fur.
And, lots of deep matted hair
close to my skin.  
My ears were the worst!  My
ears themselves are probably
only a 1/4 inch thick.  From all
the matting, my ears were an
inch thick.
I laid still like a good girl,
thoroughly enjoying the haircut
with all the petting I was getting.  

It took two 90-minute sessions to
get all the icky stuff off of me.  

Then I got a nice warm bath and
a bit of brushing to make me feel
like the new girl I am now!
Though she was about
twice my size, I'm told I look
a lot like a dog named
Buttons that lived here once.
July 2008  Two months
later, I'm very happy at
my new home!
October 2008
I'm a raccoon.
December 2008
Oh-so fashionable in
her black and white
sweater trimmed in red.
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