Mighty Angel
Angel with
Roman Guard
at Christ's Tomb
Isaiah 6:2-3
Michael The Archangel and Gabriel are both widely
known due to their mention in Bible scripture, and
many images of them are available.  Therefore, I've
created each a page of the images I've collected.
See the links below.
new angel
Although Scripture denotes angels as male (see The
Angels of the Bible), it seems the bulk of most angel
art is done in the female form and angel art done in
the male form is less prevalent.  

Therefore, any male angel images I've come across
I've saved.  A few below certainly are not "works of
art" per se, nonetheless a real
' find'  for me.  

I have noted  whatever little information, if any, that I
do have for each image.
Music playing is Harps of Angels